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Manuacript Critiquing

If you are passionate about your writing, and even more passionate about wanting to get published, with a whole lot of persistence and a thick skin to have come to the right place.

I call my approach Blythe Camenson's Tough As Nails Critiquing Service. From me you'll receive honest and straightforward feedback with comments on the specific areas of your manuscript that need improvement. I don't sugar coat anything. It's not about's about the material. If it works, or if it needs work.

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Queries & Synopses

You've written your manuscript..finally typed The End. What a relief. But just as you start to relax, you remember that the writing isn't really finished. You still have to craft a query letter and synopsis to send to agents and editors. Some writers find query letter and synopsis writing more daunting than writing an entire novel. But it doesn't have to be.

This is where I come in. I'll comment on up to four drafts of your query or novel synopsis, provide you with tips and guidelines, as well as sample query letters and synopses.

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Nonfiction Book Proposals

With nonfiction you can often sell your book based on a proposal. You can find out if there's interest before sitting down to write the book. (Novelists must finish their books first, before they can be submitted.)

The process of writing a book proposal can help you develop a marketable book idea (and nix a bad one) and test the waters for agent/editor interest before writing the book. Ideally, you can land a book contract based on your proposal. For those with a finished product, the purpose of the book proposal is the same--to approach editors and agents with your book proposal and sell your idea.

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