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Fiction Writers

Hi, I'm Alex.

Welcome to, my digital campsite.

I'm a lot of things, but above all, I'm a writer. This tiny clearing hidden among the trees is the makeshift home for my writing. But I imagine this site growing into something more.

I picture a hideout for creative writers to spin stories and tall tales that make them come alive. Off the beaten path and far away from the constant drone of generic templates, subpar copy, and sacrificial offerings to the algorithm.

You will find no clickbait here.

Go ahead and toss another log onto the fire, pull up a chair, and enjoy a story or two :)

Check out my Projects (updated somewhat regularly) to see what experiments I'm running.

If you enjoy any of my work and want to say hi, I'm easiest to reach on Twitter.

Lastly, if you'd like to receive fictional stories and essays on creativity and storytelling directly to your inbox, join my personal email list below. My only "bribe" is that I may use the list to share updates and announcements that don't fit anywhere else.

Recent Posts

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My friends and I run onto the driving range, laughing and screaming. Floodlights illuminate the massive raindrops pelting our faces. We can hear the rolling thunder inching closer with every boom. In a remarkable lapse of judgment, I raise my pitching wedge to the sky and yell, “I AM THOR!

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Positive Impact

My daughter is a genius. No, seriously. Have you heard that our universe is one of an infinite number of universes? Some are almost like ours, but not quite exactly like ours. Others are so strange and fascinating that they are inconceivable. Parallel universes where we all exist, but a

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The sky was beautiful the morning I was murdered. I didn’t hear the stranger creep up behind me and separate my head from my body. There was a slight pressure around my neck and then weightlessness as the world spun and the ground moved closer at an alarming speed.