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My friends and I run onto the driving range, laughing and screaming. Floodlights illuminate the massive raindrops pelting our faces. We can hear the rolling thunder inching closer with every boom. In a remarkable lapse of judgment, I raise my pitching wedge to the sky and yell, “I AM THOR!

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The sky was beautiful the morning I was murdered. I didn’t hear the stranger creep up behind me and separate my head from my body. There was a slight pressure around my neck and then weightlessness as the world spun and the ground moved closer at an alarming speed.

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What a lovely dog, thought the old man as he watched a young pup chase after a rogue tennis ball. Sitting on the park bench, basking in the warming sun, he allowed a rare smile. Suddenly, a young girl approached and sat beside the old man. His smile vanished. “We

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"The repairs are done. Fire up the thrusters." "What?! NO! You need to come back first!!" "It's okay baby, there's no oxygen left. I love you." He flicked off his mic and pushed off the hull of the spaceship, floating into the darkness to spend his last few moments among

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I must be in hell. The touch of the cold, steel blade on my skin, slicing passage into my belly is more than enough to make me scream, cry, and run for the hills. But I can’t because I’m a living corpse, awake and unable to move. The

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When his ears stopped ringing and the acrid stench of gunpowder smoke dissipated, he gazed solemnly at the empty shotgun shell on the floor. The same shell that released nine pellets into his brain. Who knew invincibility would be such a curse?